RSNA 2019 Annual Meeting

The 105th annual meet of RSNA, the Radiological Society of North America annual meet is being organized in McCormick Place Convention centre. The annual meet is scheduled from 1st December to 6th December 2019.

This Radiological Society of North America’s Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting invites more than 54,000 delegates and professions from across the globe to learn and get an exclusive look at the latest in medical imaging technology. The professions of Radiology will bring out all the possible and innovative advancements for Medical Imaging, Radiology, Health Sciences, Imaging Systems and Imaging Technology.

The community is devoted to building better medical support and technological advancement through the Research and Education Foundation. The event focuses on issue regarding Medical Imaging, Radiology, Health Sciences, Imaging Systems and Imaging Technology fields.

The aim of the meet is to bring out the advance radiology through innovations and creating a positive impact on its application among the patients.


The RSNA is the community that arranges an annual meeting to show the best science and training in therapeutic imaging. Every year, in excess of 50,000 members go to the yearly gathering to gain proficiency with the most recent in radiologic training, inquire about and technologic development. The annual meet invites the professionals across the globe each year that aims at building up the better medical facilities for radiology and practice. For improving the radiology training and clinical abilities the community is going to a wide assortment of logical sessions that spread the wide extent of radiology and one of the kind subspecialties.

There will be delegates and the attendees interfacing with the associates and extend the system by gathering. Get the opportunity to discuss and present the ideas to the radiologists from around the globe.

The RSNA community plans the Congress each year with the floor of the specialized display to see the advancements in radiology. Connecting with instructive shows intended to empower intriguing discourses, the Radiological Society of North America offer appropriate direction for the utilization of radiology and gives a chance to rehearsing radiology over the changing clinical research.

There are sessions that will help in aiming for evolution of pharmacology and managing PCI. The use of oral anticoagulants, clinical and drugs will be discussed in the scientific sessions and the abstract presented during the meet.







Venue & Info

Chicago, Illinois United States

The McCormick Place in Chicago is easily connected with all transportation facilities, as this is the largest conventional area in U.S.A. The shuttle service from Chicago connects well with the place. This is affordable and quick to access from airport.

Chicago claims an excellent Millennium Park that will offer you wide assortment of diversion from ice skating arena to melodic theater and substantially more. There are eateries serving the best pizza that you can try while wandering around the city.

McCormick Place Chicago
2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616, USA
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